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Ready to join the OC Roller Derby family?

Fresh Squeezed - Basic Skating Skills

This is your first stop to learn skating fundamentals in a pressure-free environment. Emphasis is placed on proper skating form. Learn striding, stopping, turns, backward skating, balance, speed and agility all in an effort to prepare you for fun recreational skating or roller derby.  The focus is on learning how to skate for derby and the general points of derby game play. Skaters at this level should be studying the WFTDA rules on their own and watching derby bouts (in person and on video) to create a basic working knowledge of the game. 


What do I need to join derby?

A good attitude and willingness to get back up again after you fall. No previous roller skating or sports experience is necessary! We will teach you how to skate through our Fresh Squeezed program. Don't worry --  no one will be hip checking you on your first day!

You must be 18 or older to join OC Roller derby. Under 18 but still want to skate? Our friends at OC Junior Roller Derby would love to see you! 

You will need several pieces of required safety gear in order to attend practice:

  • quad skates (no inline skates!)
  • helmet 
  • wrist guards
  • elbow pads
  • knee pads
  • mouth guard

Our friends at California Roller Skates can help get you ready to roll. We can't wait to see you on the track!